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Upper West Side Manhattan | NYC Family Session

This is one of the most quintessential NYC family session to date. There are so many aspects to this family and this session that are unique to living in New York – from the beautiful walk up building on the Upper West Side to the amazing roof deck to the views from the kids’ bedroom floor […]

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Where has my baby gone??? | Film Photography

Oh my goodness how is Gabby so old? Front teeth are gone. I honestly could never imagine her without those cute little chicklet teeth that she had. Now here she is toothless and absolutely adorable!!! I love that Keith captures these little life moments. Since this is film it has been a few weeks since […]

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A Beautiful Portrait | Family Session Scottsdale

  “I am not young enough to know everything” – Oscar Wilde I love that quote. I love that I used to think I knew it all or at least that’s the way I acted. So unaware of all that I didn’t know and didn’t need to know. There is something so beautiful about being […]

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Sleeping Beauty | Personal

Look at my little sleeping angel. She is so small in her bed. As grown up as she seems to be getting some days, I look at a picture like this and I am reminded just how young she still is. I love that both our girls have dream catchers hanging over their beds. Tiny little […]

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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks | Personal

Look at my little puppy. She is just so cute I can’t stand it. You would think that being 15+ years old would have taught her a few things over the years. But oh no not Pooch. She embraces thinking something is there but it isn’t. She has done this since she was a puppy. […]

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