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I want to take great photographs | Personal

For years now I have told myself over and over that I want to take beautiful photos. I would love to work alongside Keith as a second photographer or even have a little niche for myself within our business. But for some reason, even though I have Keith to help me with all things photography, […]

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how to photograph kids: taking great pictures on halloween | children’s portrait photographer phoenix

The kids have been waiting for this day since Christmas – Halloween is here! Both my girls asked me why there is school on Halloween. I guess that’s a fair question in the minds of a 5 and 8 year old. This is the super holiday and why should any of the day be wasted […]

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how to photograph kids: where should the session take place? | phoenix child photographer

A thoughtful question that we often get when booking a family portrait session: Where should the session take place? If possible, we will suggest beginning the session in the family’s home. Why the home you might ask? Well, we are big believers in having a portrait session take place in a spot that has some […]

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how to photograph kids: a sharp or non-sharp photo | phoenix children’s photographer

“Sharpness is a bourgeois concept.” Henri Cartier Bresson What is a successful photograph? A sharp photograph v a non-sharp photograph – are either of the above photos bad pictures? Is a photograph bad because it is not sharp? If a photograph is sharp, does that make it a good photo? Cartier Bresson’s statement reminds us […]

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how to photograph kids: in motion | scottsdale family portrait photographers

Children running, playing, jumping, just having a good time are some of my favorite photos. Personalities jump right out of the picture. Another of my favorites are kids on a carousel. Not a stale, flat picture but one that conveys the motion of the ride. But how do you do this? How can you keep […]

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