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Rolliecord Film Camera | Family Portrait | Personal

A few months back, a friend of the family gave Keith a Rolliecord. Ever eager to play with a new camera, Keith loaded it up with film and finished the roll over the spring. The above shot was taken just outside of Maggiano’s in North Scottsdale. I believe this photo was taken after we celebrated my […]

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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks | Personal

Look at my little puppy. She is just so cute I can’t stand it. You would think that being 15+ years old would have taught her a few things over the years. But oh no not Pooch. She embraces thinking something is there but it isn’t. She has done this since she was a puppy. […]

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Back to School Resolutions | Personal

(photo taken by me! damn that Gabby is cute!) The kids went back to school on Monday. Am I a terrible parent if I say that I am thrilled? That I’ve been counting down the days? That summer break is a long 3 months even though the kids were in camp most of it and […]

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Who doesn’t love the spiaggi? Donnalucata Beach | Sicily Travelogue

Modica, Modica, Modica. How we love thee. This town is so charming that if you sketched the perfect little Sicilian Baroque village, this is what you would come up with. In an effort to make everyone happy on this trip, we decided to balance the touring around with trips to the beach. The kids can […]

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