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The Stein Sisters | Small Dog Rescue | Phoenix Arizona

(This adorable photo by Keith has prompted me to show off these two dogs yet again on our blog!) We have had these two cuties for a few months now, about 7 months actually (my time flies). We have grown so fond of them that our family can’t imagine life without them. There are times […]

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Sleeping Beauty | Personal

Look at my little sleeping angel. She is so small in her bed. As grown up as she seems to be getting some days, I look at a picture like this and I am reminded just how young she still is. I love that both our girls have dream catchers hanging over their beds. Tiny little […]

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Composition | Tech Assignment 2 | Melissa goes back to school

On to our next assignment: Composition. Luckily I see Keith compose beautiful images all the time so I think I have a leg up on this assignment. We have to submit 8 photos from 8 different composition principles. Above are my two personal favorites from this little scavenger hunt. The first photo demonstrates a few of these […]

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My Glass is Half Full | Personal

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way”. Buddha There are so many great quotes that if you read them closely just mean so much. This is one of them. There isn’t a magic pill to take to be happy, you have to wake up every day and be happy. How hard is this? Very […]

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