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what to pack for a month in paris | children’s photography paris

The preparations had been made over the last few months: airline tickets purchased, an apartment rented for the month (so much fun searching on and, kids passports renewed (in time!), jobs booked in Paris, planning our workshop. The calendar flew by, July 2nd came fast. Our big adventure to Paris began with an […]

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san francisco, bay area, california children’s portrait photographers

Our trip to the Bay area was too short as usual. The reason for the trip to San Francisco was business. A few family and children’s portrait sessions and then we had family time. We really love this area. What is there not to love? Great friends. Beautiful scenery. Amazing (vegan) food around every corner. […]

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the luckiest woman in the whole world | happy mother’s day | family photography

I know that motherhood is not meant for everyone but wow was it meant for me. Ever since I was a little girl I remember wanting to have two children, preferably girls. Fast forward lots and lots of years, I was fortunate enough to meet the person who made me a better person, my best […]

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questions to ask the kids: Gabriella | Scottsdale family portrait photographer

Ok. It is Miss Gabby’s turn to answer the questions. My personal favorites is: Mommy is the coolest person in the world. For those that do not know Gabs, she is the master of diplomacy. At an early age, she figured out what to say and when to say it. She is usually full of […]

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may day baskets | scottsdale family portrait photographers

Once we had the idea to spend part of the summer in France, Isabella started finding ways of incorporating all things French into everything we did. A few months ago, Isabella asked me to help her look up French holidays. Since most French holidays are religious (and had already passed) that left only one holiday […]

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