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Ragusa Ibla | Sicily Travelogue

“Italy without Sicily leaves no image. Sicily is the key to everything.” Johann Wolfgang Goethe, “Trip to Sicily” As beautiful as Modica is, it does have a rival. Yes, Ragusa Ibla is just incredible. We drove from Modica to Ragusa Ibla along the windy country roads that connect the two. Hard to believe how people […]

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Who doesn’t love the spiaggi? Donnalucata Beach | Sicily Travelogue

Modica, Modica, Modica. How we love thee. This town is so charming that if you sketched the perfect little Sicilian Baroque village, this is what you would come up with. In an effort to make everyone happy on this trip, we decided to balance the touring around with trips to the beach. The kids can […]

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A Walking Tour of Modica | Sicily Travelogue

Once we settled into our adorable little apartment in Modica’s old town, we set out for a short uphill walk to the grocery store. Along the way, Keith took a few snapshots of the neighborhood.  The first few photos show just how old this neighborhood is. It was rebuilt in the 1600’s after an earthquake […]

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