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improvisational portraiture

I view the art of photography in much the same way as jazz musicians get together and jam. We each bring our horns and wail. In my case my horn is my camera and your’s is your soul. It is an improvisational collaboration. One which plays uniquely each time we do it. One which, while having all the same notes, is a bit different because we see and feel differently as the moments pass. Let’s represent now, not then. Each moment in your children’s lives are beautiful and different. Let’s show them all.

A session is beautiful in its pure simplicity. We will meet at a place where your children feel happy and free. A place where they can have fun and maybe even explore. As a dad I can’t help but love the carefree, inquisitiveness of kids. The looks they don as they experience something new and strange. The smiles they wear when they have figured it out. Their laughter is magical and the right photo can almost make you hear it. Their tears can melt you and skillfully done an image can make you yearn to reach in and help. Which image moves you; rumpled and laughing or neat and saying cheese? Neat is nice but is it what you remember?

You love your children. Together we are going to not only watch and appreciate them but capture a tiny piece of them that will never go away.