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    Keith is a photographer who believes that kids are nearly perfect and that great images capture a bit of that perfection for all eternity. He loves that children don’t filter their emotions. Living loud is their power. And his job is to capture a moment of their uncontained imaginations: your children, unscripted.

    Melissa is the studio manager, adoring wife, busy mom and occasional writer that believes she is living the most beautiful life in the whole world.

    Keith and Melissa have two amazing daughters, Isabella and Gabriella and a little Jack Russell named Pooch.

    This journal is our personal blog about our family, photography, travel and how we are inspired by children in all their authenticity, one beautiful photograph at a time.

a few things that made me smile | children’s photographers arizona

…my favorite picture of the week, taken by Keith during the busy holiday portrait season

…playing kidstopicstogo with the kids on a long car ride

…planning our trip to Disneyland next week

…enjoying babiekins online magazine

…love these anaias and i frocks for the girls at Sweet William

…hearing the kids in the other room playing their made up dinosaur game and Keith thanking me for having two such wonderful daughters (I guess he had a part in it too!)

…the girls getting up close and personal with some really gorgeous horses at the Arabian Horse Show yesterday at West World

a few things that made me smile | children’s portrait photographers phoenix

A few things I liked this past week

…my favorite picture of the week, a recent maternity session, soon to be a birth story

…my homemade Valentine’s from the girls

…a perfect playdress for Isabella with kicks to match

…and a ruffle dress to match her gorgeous blue eyes for Miss Gabby

…getting pictures taken of the girls for passport renewals for our summer trip to Paris!

…playful and cheery picture poetry, Gabby would LOVE a set

…watching the kids play together for hours without a cross word

…Isabella’s tool of choice this week for all her lovely drawings

pinterest, my new interest | children’s photographer scottsdale

I probably came across pinterest about a year ago. But I didn’t quite know what to make of it. I guess I thought it was just another time waster like facebook. I was wrong.

I love that we can share our labor of love with such ease. The screen shot above is our board about kids photography. Well, more specifically, photographs of children taken by Keith. It changes daily. As I come across old and new photographs Keith has captured over the past few years, I can’t help but want to share. I love seeing the compilation of photographs and how they mesh together. I’m new to pinterest, so it’s fun just clicking on the Pin It button and seeing how my clicks make a montage.

Now that I have embraced pinterest, I can see its benefits. Every day, I look at blogs ANYWAY, so if I come across something that I feel I would like to remember, I just click the Pin It button in my bookmark bar and the image is immediately organized to its corresponding board. No more ripping out magazine pages (well, I’m not ready to give that up yet). Pinterest gives you the ability to store all your grandiose ideas in one spot, neatly organized into boards. I just love it. My magazine pages never really stood the chance of being organized enough that I could reference them with ease anyway. Although I must say, I have tried. Alas, to no avail.

Thank you pinterest. Where have you been all my life?

a few things that made me smile | arizona children’s photographer

    A few things I liked this past week

…Picking up film from the lab and seeing the expressions on the children’s faces in the photos taken by Keith at Gabby’s birthday party. Pure joy!

…My favorite photo of the week above (from the film referenced above!)

…A little ensemble Isabella would look so pretty wearing

…Miss Gabby would complement her sister perfectly in this beautiful dress

…The most used craft supply in our house this week, hands down! (the kids used lots of pastels, love and color making Keith’s birthday cards)

…A cool Valentine handout that I’ve been meaning to do for years!

…Gabby’s new pop-up book

…My new favorite cupcake!

…Love this e-zine (and love that they use photography in all sorts of cool places!)

Happy Weekend!

Miriam Dalton - February 11, 2012 - 4:01 am

Thank you!

traveling in the land of life | family travel | portrait photographer arizona

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life! Albert Einstein

With the 2-Day Paris Photography Workshop official, we needed a few photos from the archives to use in our blog post. As we poured over all the beautiful photos Keith has taken in Paris, I started to reminisce.

The last time we were in Paris, I was pregnant with Isabella – exactly 8 years ago this month. The above picture takes me right back to that trip.

When we originally made our plans to travel, we did not know that I was pregnant. Imagine the idea of traveling to a city famous for its mouth watering cheese and amazing wine and not being able to take advantage? Anyone who knows me, knows I couldn’t resist completely. (I did cheat a bit and Isabella turned out perfectly fine!)

Conveniently enough, France is also the land of homemade crepes, buttery croissants, fresh baked baguettes and drop dead gorgeous patisseries. Pregnant in Paris turned out to be my excuse to say yes to every single food that looked delicious.

I showed this picture to Isabella and she said “Oh yeah, I remember that”. Isabella is convinced that she was able to peek through my belly button and be a tourist in utero. Asked if she’s ever been to France, her answer is a convincing “yes!”. To her, the fact that she traveled in my belly to a far away land means she was there, she remembers!

I love her imagination. I love magical thinking. I love her conviction that she has traveled to far away places. The land of life is beautiful.

Apparently she had a pretty good view.