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Les Invalides, Napoleon’s Tomb and The French Army Museum | Things to do in Paris with kids

I studied abroad in Paris and have visited Paris on vacation but never found the opportunity to visit Les Invalides. What an oversight. This place is great! If I had to rank at this point what the kids (and Keith and I) have enjoyed most in Paris, Les Invalides and the French Army Museum is […]

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the best flea market in paris | marche aux puces – saint ouen paris

No trip to Paris is complete without spending a day at one of the many flea markets around town. At first, I debated whether or not I thought the kids would enjoy walking around all day looking at antiques and cool stuff. But what better spot to take kids? Lots of interesting stuff to look, […]

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Best Ice Cream in Paris | Our family’s adventure in Paris

Our Bateaux Mouches boat tour on the Seine had just finished. We were heading from Pont D’alma to Invalides to see Napoleon’s tomb and visit The French Army Museum. But the kids decided to run, not walk from Pont D’Alma to Pont Alexandre III. Typical of their method of sightseeing, they go with full enthusiasm […]

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14 juillet 2012 | celebrating bastille day in paris

How exciting to be in Paris on July 14th – for La Fete Nationale, Le quartorze juillet (July 14th) or better known to Americans as the Fete de la Bastille (Bastille Day)! {What is Bastille Day? A day to remember the storming of The Bastille prison on July 14, 1789, which helped spark The French […]

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what to pack for a month in paris | children’s photography paris

The preparations had been made over the last few months: airline tickets purchased, an apartment rented for the month (so much fun searching on and, kids passports renewed (in time!), jobs booked in Paris, planning our workshop. The calendar flew by, July 2nd came fast. Our big adventure to Paris began with an […]

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